Three ways to do string concatenation in JavaScript

by Sai gowtham1min read

In this tutorial, we are going to learn three different ways of doing String concatenation in JavaScript.

First way

The (+) plus operator helps us to concat the strings in JavaScript.

let str1 = "hello"

let str2 = " world"

console.log(str1+str2) // "hello world"

Second way

There is an inbuilt concat method in javascript which also does the string concatenation.

let str1 = "Hello";

let str2 = " Google";

let str3 = " Search";

console.log(str1.concat(str2,str3))  // "Hello Google Search"

The concat method returns the new string by combining the provided strings.

Third way

let arr = [ ]

let raisedHand = "✋";

let baby = "👶 "


console.log(arr.join('')) //"👶 ✋"

join() method is used combine the array of individual strings into a single string.