by Sai gowtham

Should I learn JavaScript or Python

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Should I learn JavaScript or Python

Both javascript and python are programming languages built for the different purposes to solve different type of problems.

What is the end goal you need to achieve by learning one of those programming languages?


  • Easy to learn for the beginners.
  • Large community.
  • Job demand is increasing.
  • JavaScript is originally built for the purpose of the web pages needs to interact with the users.

But now JavaScript is used everywhere from servers to the browsers, Mobile apps, Machine learning, Ai, even in space.


  • Python is majorly used in the Data Science and Machine Learning, automation.
  • Easy syntax.
  • Job demand is increasing.

In the web, development python is used in server-side programming.

According to StackOverflow survey JavaScript is the most popular used technology around the the Stackoverflow 2018 survey

So find your purpose or end goal why you should learn.

My final suggestions it is hard to learn anything in first often you get confused in middle. Don’t feel bad it happens to everyone so choose one of the programming languages and stick with it until you feel comfortable and never give up.