What is React

by Sai gowtham1min read
  • React is a JavaScript library used to build views(User interfaces) which are mainly concentrated on the view part in the MVC model.
  • Everything is a reusable and composable piece of code.
  • You can build any type of modern web apps such as single page apps, progressive web apps by using React.

Why React?

  • It’s declarative means straightforward approach.
  • Jsx.
  • Virtual dom.
  • Unidirectional data flow: it means the data is flowing in a single direction from parent to a child not a child to parent.
  • Components

Who uses React?

  • Facebook is using more than 10000 react components.
  • Instagram.
  • Netflix.
  • Airbnb

Many more companies used react in production.

Total number of npm react downloads between 2017-09-09 and 2018-09-09 is 105,885,897.