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How to compare two dates in JavaScript

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to compare two dates in JavaScript with the help of examples.

In JavaScript, we have new Date() constructor which returns a date object that contains a different type of methods like.

  1. getDate() : Which returns the day of a month according to the specified local time.
  2. getMonth(): Which returns the month.
  3. getFullYear(): Which returns the year.

By using the above three methods we can compare two dates in JavaScript.

Here is an example:

function compareTwoDates(first,second){
                        // 17-12-2019
   const firstDate =  `${first.getDate()}-${first.getMonth()}

   const secondDate = `${second.getDate()}-${second.getMonth()}

   return firstDate === secondDate

console.log(compareTwoDates(new Date(),new Date())); // true

In the above example first, we are constructing the dates with delimiter - then we are comparing the first date with the second date which returns true if both dates are equal else it returns false if it is not equal.

Second way using toDateString() method

Similarly, we can also compare two dates by using the toDateString() method which returns the date in English format "Mon Dec 16 2019".

const firstDate  = new Date();
const secondDate = new Date();

console.log(firstDate.toDateString() === secondDate.toDateString())

// true

Note: In the above two examples, we are not using time to compare two dates.