How to Style the Chrome Console with Colors

How to Style the Chrome Console with Colors

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about styling the console.log output with colors using css.

Adding colors to console.log

We can add the colors to the console.log outputs by using %c as a first argument and css properties as the second argument.

Example: This example shows you how to add a red background color with font-size:20px to the console.log().

console.log('%c Hello Users','background:red;color:black;font-size:20px');

red color added to console.log

Storing css properties inside variables

Instead of typing the same css styling on every console.log we can also store our css properties inside JavaScript variables.


const redColor = 'background:red;color:black;font-size:20px';
const greenColor = 'background:green;color:black;font-size:20px';

console.log('%c Hello Users',redColor);

console.log('%c Hello Users',greenColor);

storing console.log colors in variables

Note: The same code also works to style the mozilla firefox console.log outputs.