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What is JAMstack and why is so fast

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What is JAMstack and why is so fast

Jamstack is the Modern way to build websites by using JavaScript, Apis and Markup.


JavaScript : The request and response cycle is handled by the client-side JavaScript it can be your single-page-app(spa) such as react or vuejs or plain JavaScript.

Apis: The APIs are used to store the user data in the database or handling authentication.

Markup: Site markup can prebuilt during the build time by using a static site generator.

Why JAMstack sites are fast?

  • There is no heavy lifting servers behind the jamstack sites because everything is prebuilt HTML, CSS,JavaScript and served using the content delivery network(CDN).
  • Each time you click on a new page or blog post in the WordPress site we make a network request to the server and we need to wait until the server builds that page and sends back to the client it often sometimes server fail to build a webpage during the heavy load.
  • The hosting cost is also very cheap for the Jamstack sites compare to the other tech stacks.(Lamp or mean etc).
  • High security.

Example sites build with the JAMstack

The site you are currently browsing is also build with jamstack by using the Gatsby static site generator.


they are many more sites.

i have a complete tutorial to how to build a jamstack blog by using gatsbyjs and react.