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How to use React useRef hook with examples

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How to use React useRef hook with examples

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to access the dom nodes in react by using useRef hook.

React hooks are JavaScript functions which helps us to use the missing react features in functional components.

useRef hook

In react useRef hook helps us to access the dom nodes or html elements, so that we can interact with that dom element like accessing the input element value or focussing the input element.


import React,{useRef} from 'react';

function TextInput(){
   //creating the ref by passing initial value null
  const nameRef = useRef(null);
  function handleFocus(){
      //current property is pointing to the input element
      //when a component is mounts to dom
      nameRef.current.focus()  }
          <input ref={nameRef} placeholder="name" />          <button onClick={handleFocus}>Focus</button>


In the above example, we have imported useRef hook from the ‘react’ then we invoked the useRef hook by passing the initial value null.

In input element we defined ref attribute by passing the nameRef so that we can access that input element by using nameRef.current property.