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JavaScript String interpolation

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JavaScript String interpolation

In this tutorial, we will learn about string interpolation in javascript by using es6 template literals.

In normal strings, we have some limitations but in es6 template literals, we have a new way to interpolate the strings.

Template literals example

In normal javascript strings we use double quotes or single quotes but in template literals, we need to use backticks .

   ` ` //<-- backticks
let user= 'gowtham';
console.log(`My name is ${user}`)
// My name is gowtham

To evaluate the expression we need to use ${ } dollar sign with curly braces.

let name = 'gowtham';
console.log(`My name is ${name} and id is ${Math.random()}`)
console.log(` sum of 2 and 3 is ${2+3}`)

Multi-line strings using the template literals

console.log(`This is  a multiline string
 using template literals

Happy coding…