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How to generate react components from cli using plop

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How to generate react components from cli using plop

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about generating new react components from the cli using plop.js.

In angular-cli we have a command to generate new components but in create-react-app, we didn’t have such a command to generate new components but plop.js offers us a way to generate components from the cli (command line interface).

Setting up the app

First, let’s create a new react app using create-react-app.

npx create-react-app my-app

Once the app is successfully created, now change your working directory by running below command.

cd my-app

Installing plop.js

Now install the plop.js by running below command.

npm i -D plop

Now open your my-app folder in your favorite code editor.

Creating plop configuration

create a plopfile.js in your root app folder and add the below code.

module.exports = function (plop) {
    plop.setGenerator('component', {
        description: 'Creating new react components',
        prompts: [{
            type: 'list',
            name: "input",
            message: 'Choose your component',
            choices: ['class', 'functional'],
            type: "input",
            name: "name"
        actions: function (data) {
            const actions = [];
      if (data.input === 'functional') {
                   type: 'add', //adding file to your propject
                   templateFile: 'plop-templates/functional-component.hbs',
                   path: 'src/{{pascalCase name}}.js' //component path
      } else {
                   type: 'add',
                   templateFile: 'plop-templates/class-component.hbs',
                   path: 'src/{{pascalCase name}}.js'
            return actions;

In the above code, we have a prompts array with two objects which helps us to take an input from the cli and pass that data to actions function.

Inside the actions function, we have added a conditional to choose between functional or class component.

Creating plop-templates

Now we need to create a plop-templates so that plop.js generates the new components based on that template.

Inside your root app folder create a new folder called plop-templates and create two new files called class-component.hbs and functional-component.hbs then add the below code.

import React, { Component } from 'react';

class {{ pascalCase name }} extends Component{

    state = {


    return (
            {{ pascalCase name }}

export default {{ pascalCase name }};
import React from 'react';

function {{pascalCase name}}() {
  return (
      {{pascalCase name}}

export default {{pascalCase name}};

Adding script to package.json

Now open your package.json file and add the below script to your scripts object.

"generate": "plop"

With this our plop setup is complete now open your terminal and run npm run generate.

It prompts a question with two options class or functional.

? Choose your component (Use arrow keys)
❯ class

On the next step, it will ask for a component name.

? Choose your component class
? name: Mycomponent

Type your component name and hit enter.

Now inside your src folder you will see a new component file called Mycomponent.js.


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