How to find the maximum number of an array in javascript

To find the Maximum number in the array of elements we can use Math.max( ) method in JavaScript.

Math.max( ) method accepts the numbers as an argument and returns, the maximum number.

syntax: Math.max(number1,number2,..)

let arr = [11,2,3,565,53,2];

console.log(Math.max(...arr)) // 565

In the above code we used (…)spread operator to spread the array of numbers into individual numbers.

We can write our function by using above logic.

function findMax(arr) {
  if (!arr) {
  return Math.max(...arr);

console.log(findMax([4,32,64,39,26])) // 64

console.log(findMax([10,-10])) // 10

console.log(findMax()) // undefined