How to deploy a create react app to Github pages

How to deploy a create react app to Github pages

In this tutorial, we will learn about deploying a react app to GitHub pages.

GitHub provides us a free hosting to host our static web apps or documentation sites the github pages turns your code repository into a website and serves on a unique URL that ties to your username or organization name.

Make sure your react app code is already pushed to the github account.

Let’s start deploy a create react app in 4 steps.

1. Add homepage

Open your package.json file present inside your react app and add homepage property.


replace the above url with your github username and repository name.

2. Install gh-pages

Next, we need to install a package called gh-pages.

npm install --save gh-pages

3. Deploy script

It’s time to add a deploy script commands in our package.json file.

 "predeploy": "npm run build",
 "deploy": "gh-pages -d build",

Now in your terminal run npm run deploy.

4. Setup source to gh-pages branch

Once you successfully deployed open your GitHub code repository and click on settings tab if you scroll down you can see a GitHub Pages then choose a branch to gh-pages.

react app ghpages setup

That’s it now you can see your react app URL like in the above image.