by Sai gowtham

Comparison of two strings in JavaScript

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In JavaScript, we can use a comparison operator to compare the strings.

We are using three equals (===) comparison operator instead of double equals to avoid the type coercion.

let str1 = "losS";

let str2 = "losS";

console.log(str1 === str2 ) //  true

let a = "c124";

let b = "c124";

console.log(a === b ) // true

three equals (===) : This operator only returns true when both values and types are same.

Let’s write our own function which help us to compare strings.

function strCompare(str1,str2){

    return str1 === str2 ;

console.log(strCompare('king','king')) // true;

console.log(strCompare('open','close')) // false;